We are the Various Artists.

Our mission; our goal in life; the thing we strive for; the chimp in our champ; is... uh...

Sorry, I got off track.

Our mission; our goal in life; is to end global starvation and global warming all across Vietnam (and the rest of the world too, I guess).

Through our action-oriented, goal focused approach to expediting extensions to the critically acclaimed (or panned, I dunno) visual novel known only as... drum roll please... Doki Doki Book Club. Wait... Shit... That ain't it chief.


Help me out here guys. What was it again?

Oh yeah!

Doki Doki Literature Group. 

We strive for the highest standards in our pursuit for perfection. Our up beat team of associates constantly challenge the status quo and make it their life's goal to push the boundaries of Ren'Py.

Well, we all do except that damn ginger. I don't know how she got in here.


On the topic of that mother fucking ginger cunt. (For legal reasons, the Various Artists doesn't have anything against the gingers.) (Kidding, yes we fukin' do!)

I mean, god, she keeps stealing our pencils! How else is Yuri supposed to masturbate? She already went through all the pens!

Like, I didn't know stationary could get that sticky.

Annie, if I don't see your resignation on my desk by 4PM, you'll fukin' regret it!!