IMPORTANT: All of the projects under this page are mods for Doki Doki Literature Club by Team Salvato. Nothing made or published by the Various Artists is affiliated with Team Salvato in any way. To play the mods, you first have to download the original game at ddlc.moe.

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The Various Artists have created/published 67 mods. You can find them all by clicking the alphabet buttons above. Below is a handful of mods that we consider to be some of our best.

I Am Monika

You and Monika are inseparable. You are her rock and she is your sky. Your love for her is undeniable. But how long can the dream of love last when trapped by the unbreakable walls of reality? Watch a love that will last forever evolve into something far grander as dream gets turned to reality in ‘I am Monika.' 

Created by FiT (Writing/Art) and River (Coding)

Doki's Fantasy Adventure

“After another fight about literature, Monika gets fed up with her club’s shenanigans and decides it’s time for some well-deserved retribution. Using her magical code-powers, she sends Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki, and MC to a far-away land where they will be forced to wrestle with its inhabitants as they struggle for both their safety and their freedom. 

Will the Literature Club escape unharmed? Will Monika forgive her club members? 

Created by FitMarshmellow (Writing/Art), Crimfinity (Writing/Coding), Flasium (Music)


“As the sun sets, Sayori tries to find hope in a world where her and [player] may drift away. Will she be able to find solace in the space, or will she be crushed by it?” 

Created by Fit, 92FM, cemsthetic, Flasium, and Crim

Roady Roady Road Trip

“Come to Brazil in VA’s longest mod yet, Roady Roady Road Trip! Join the MC and Natsuki as they spend their summer journeying across the world to meet their parents. 

Meet up with your old club-mates, who have all gone off on their own wild adventures while you were away. What does the world have in store for these dysfunctional group of friends? Will they be able to stay together long enough to reach their destination or will they tear themselves apart?

Play Roady Roady Road Trip to find out!”

Created by Crimfinity (Writing/Coding), Flasium (music), FiT (Art/Writing), -2 (art), Wilinisian (coding), and Rose (writing)

Natsuki and Chill 

After telling her that you're interested in her, Natsuki wants to come to your place! Spend a chill evening with her... And maybe get a little more intimate...

WARNING: This mod contains NSFW content and should only be played by those who are 18+/21+.

Created by Gilgamesh, destroyer of worlds